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Metal Pen with Retractor
Metal Pens with Retractor cord are a must have giveaway idea.
from $4.01 to $2.60 ea
150 min.
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Pen on a Lanyard
Pens on a Lanyard are an innovative promotional tool.
from $1.89 to $1.47 ea
500 min.
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Two Colour Neck Pen
Two Colour Neck Pens can be imprinted with your logo and look great at recognition events
from $1.68 to $1.23 ea
250 min.
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Our neck pens are a great way for any recipient to keep track of their writing utensils, and can come as mini lanyard pens. These premium lanyard pens can be used in any office environment but are especially useful for professionals that have to do a lot of on-the-go writing such as people involved in construction, plumbing, package delivery or who are involved in the medical field, such as nurses.

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