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What questions do clients ask the most about promotional products on our website?
Hopefully, the below will clarify any questions you may have; otherwise, please call or email us, and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions.

1. How long does production take?
Most items on our site can be produced in 1-2 weeks. Longer lead times apply for products we source from overseas. You can check with our sales staff if you are unsure from the product page how long it takes.
2. I’ve left my order to the last minute. Do you do rush jobs?
Absolutely we do. We have a range of products listed under 3 day production and 24 hour production, plus we have excellent relationships with our suppliers. As a result, we can often push orders through quicker if needed, though some suppliers will charge a surcharge for this service.
3. Is branding included in your prices?
Yes, it is. All product pages state precisely the type of branding that we can do, along with the biggest branding size available.
4. My logo looks small - Can I get my logo bigger on the product?
Depending on the shape of the product and the type of decoration requested, there are limits to how big we can print on any given product. However, we will always endeavour to print your logo as big as possible on the product chosen.
5. Can I get a sample of the product?
Absolutely you can. To ensure you are happy with everything first, we prefer to quote first. Read our samples policy for further information.
6. Can I get a printed sample of the product with my logo?
Yes, we can do this, but usually, it is not necessary. As part of the approval process, you will receive a digital mock-up of your logo on the product for approval. 99% of clients are happy to do this. If you want your logo on a sample, there are costs involved. There is a set-up cost, plus the cost of the product and branding cost. This varies depending on which product is chosen, but it is an expensive process as the factories are geared for large orders, so to do a one-off sample is costly, but it is doable if required.
7. How do I get a written quote?
The best way to do this is to go to the product page and click on “Request Quote”. Then, fill out the form, and we will get back to you with a written quote within 24 hours at the most.
8. How do I place an order?
Placing an order is easy. You can either go to the product page and click on “Create Order” and fill out the form, or if you have received a written quote, you can reply to this to let us know you want to proceed.
9. What happens after I place my order?
Once we receive your order, we will prepare paperwork for you to sign off. It will consist of 3 parts. First will be the order confirmation form that will have all details of the product, show all costs, delivery costs and promised despatch date. The second will be your artwork. This page will have a digital mock-up of your artwork on a line art of the product. The third page is our general terms and conditions. All of this will be sent to you via email with a link to sign digitally. Once signed, both yourself and the salesperson will receive a copy. From there, we will then either process an invoice for payment so we can begin production or if you are on 30-day terms with us, we can start processing the order and bill you after the goods have been sent out.
10. I don’t need as many as you advertise. Can I get smaller quantities?
Unfortunately, most of the products we sell have set minimum quantities due to restrictions from the suppliers we deal with, but sometimes we can accommodate this, so please get in touch with us, and we will let you know.
11. I want to speak to someone. Do you have a sales rep that can visit us?
Our business is focused on being online. This keeps our costs lower and ensures we can offer the best prices possible. Because of this, we don’t have sales reps on the road. Instead, everything is handled either through the phone or email, but rest assured, we have been doing this for many years, so we should accommodate any requests.
12. Where can you ship to?
We can ship anywhere to mainland Australia or Tasmania. Any islands we can not ship direct to, but we can deliver to a forwarder on the mainland.
13. Do you ship overseas?
Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of customs clearance and duties collection in other countries, we do not ship overseas except to New Zealand. Still, we can ship the goods to your freight forwarder of choice anywhere in Australia.
14. Why is freight insurance not included?
When shipping, you have two options. We can ship on our courier company or book on yours. To offer freight insurance, we would have to do it for every order. Some orders, this is not necessary as they are local deliveries and it adds a cost burden to clients. That is why we quote without freight insurance, and if you want the added security, we can then add it to your order.
15. I have a written quote from another company that is cheaper. Can you beat it?
We are always happy to make price comparisons to see if we can better a quote you have already received. However, we would need a copy of the quote so we can check that what the other company is quoting is exactly the same. For example, some companies may use cheaper material on an identical product, the branding quoted is different or production times quoted are different. These factors can affect the price, so we need to ensure we are quoting “apples” to “apples”.
16. Do you offer discounts to charities?
Absolutely we do. If you are a registered charity, contact us directly, and we can let you know what we can do. Regarding direct cash donations, we already have set charities we donate to in this way, but we are always happy to help with the pricing of products for charities.
17. I don’t have vector artwork, only a jpg, bmp, tif - Can you use these?
The artwork is a tricky one. On some products, the answer is yes, depending on the quality of your artwork. Otherwise, we need to redraw it to vector format for us to use. The good news for you is that we do this free of charge if your logo is simple, unlike our competitors. We will also then send you a copy to use once the order has been paid for. This makes it quick and straightforward for you, at no additional cost.
18. I don’t understand what a PMS colour is?
When printing spot colours, we will always ask for a PMS colour. For example, if you ask us to print 'red', there are hundreds of different shades of red. If you provide us with the PMS colour, it means we match to an exact shade of red. This gives consistency of print colour over a range of products so that your branding is recognised easily. We have a PMS chart that you can view here. Just bear in mind that monitor screens on different contrast and brightness settings will affect how the colour appears.
19. I ordered several products, and the print colour is not exactly the same.
When we print on different substrates, each one will have a different absorption and reflection value. Printing onto a ceramic item, compared to a plastic item, compared to a piece of clothing, each one, the ink colour gets affected by the item we print on. The colour match will be close, but it will not be an exact match on each. It is exactly the same as if you bought different qualities of paper and printed something out in colour on your printer. The colour would look different depending on which paper it has been printed on.
20. Can you do a custom item I saw on another website?
Yes, we can. We have manufacturing facilities overseas and can source 1,000’s of products. Usually, they have quite high minimum quantity orders, but we have sourced for hundreds of companies looking for a specific product.
21. I can’t find what I am looking for on your website. Do you do other products?
Yes, we do. We have a database that currently holds over 800,000 different products. Unfortunately, we can’t show all of this on our site, but whatever you need, rest assured that it is 99.9% guaranteed that we can source it for you.