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Promotional Catering Products

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PromotionsOnly features an intense selection of high quality products for use at your next catering event. Do you need branded materials to make an impression on your guests that will be great for business? Look no further than our great catalog of paper and plastic plates, foam containers and bowls, paper dessert cups, cups, and napkins! Choose from our wide range of colours, sizes, and materials to suit your parties and branding strategies. Every guest will be able to see your beautiful branding and logo on each special item, imprinted with our special equipment for a high quality output each time. Our delivery to anywhere in Australia will make us a valuable partner for your important events, helping you bring a powerful and effective marketing strategy into fruition!

Some Popular Catering

12oz Coloured Paper Dessert Cup
12oz Coloured Paper Dessert Cups can be colour co-ordinated with your table arrangements.
from $1.76 to $0.92 ea
250 min.
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178mm Coloured Plastic Plate
178mm Coloured Plastic Plates come in a variety of colours.
from $1.59 to $0.74 ea
250 min.
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2 Ply Light Toned Coloured Dinner Napkin
2 Ply Light Toned Coloured Dinner Napkins are suitable for casual or formal dining.
from $1.56 to $0.61 ea
250 min.
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228mm Clear Plastic Plate
228mm Clear Plastic Plates are a practical size.
from $6.03 to $3.60 ea
100 min.
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260mm White Plastic Plate
260mm White Plastic Plates are a great size for a lunch or dinner.
from $2.38 to $1.30 ea
250 min.
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3 Ply White Luncheon Napkins
3 Ply White Luncheon Napkins are suitable for use in restaurants and cafes.
from $1.15 to $0.40 ea
250 min.
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Linenesque Beverage Napkins
Linenesque Beverage Napkins are the perfect size for use at cocktail parties.
from $1.33 to $0.54 ea
250 min.
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Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Catering

PromotionsOnly's special catering products are perfect for Australian businesses looking for customised options for their events. Choose from an impressive selection of plateware, cupware, and napkins to complete the look that your company needs. Bring your marketing and branding plan to life with our high quality printing guarantee. Serve your guests on durable plates, bowls, dessert cups, and drink cups with different colours, sizes, and form factors available. Help them clean up with custom napkins, too. Take every event as an opportunity for your brand to shine, and take it to the next level with PromotionsOnly's wide range of catering products! Visit our website and start to envision the best catering event for your company yet!