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Face masks can be effective when used correctly.

28 April, 2020

How Can Face Masks Protect Us

The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus has caused worldwide panic. With every country trying to resolve each of their health crises. But how can we help prevent the virus from spreading as an individual? The government has provided guidelines to avoid further spread of the virus and the infection. We may be unaware that minimal participation on our part can significantly contribute to containing the virus. For the moment, this might be a far-fetched goal, but if we continue to cooperate, this may not be an impossible feat after all.

To prevent cross-contamination, wear protective covers such as facial masks & rubber hand gloves, washing our hands, using sanitisers and by staying indoors is also essential.

Facial masks are the most straightforward items that we use to cover half of our faces. Purchased in pharmacies, and medical supply stores, but because of the viral outbreak, there is a massive shortage of facial masks supply around the world. Now that quarantine is implemented, it is good that we can purchase these items in online stores.

There are a few types of facial masks circulating in the market, and we have the disposable face mask and the N95 mask. Face masks come with 3-layer protection. Their average filtration percentage is 90%. They are comfortable to wear with an adjustable nose strip and round elastic ear loop to give basic protection to the user. They are not designed to be used for an extended period and are not washable. They are made from non-woven material and are moisture-proof and comfortable to wear. The face masks we offer have both CE and FDA certifications.

KN95 Face Masks provide at least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particles. They have a soft close plastic nose piece for comfort and have an assigned protection factor of 10. Currently, they have the following certifications under FDA, CE, EN and are classed as Type IIR masks.

We must do our best to stay safe and help stop the spread of the virus by wearing face masks, eye goggles, effective use of hand sanitisers, disposable gloves and other protective gear.

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