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Modern Slavery Act 2018

At PromotionsOnly®, we are continuously working with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that all products are manufactured in an ethical way. This includes the sustainable sourcing of materials, the ethical treatment of workers and the inclusion of safe environmental practises.

At PromotionsOnly®, we only work with suppliers with whom we have developed a relationship where we are confident in their business history and systems. We have suppliers with social and environmental compliance certification in their own countries and suppliers subject to international scrutiny in the form of SMETA and BSCI audits.

The Modern Slavery Act has placed the need to examine our social compliance practises and those of our suppliers at the forefront of all businesses at this time.

Businesses that do not have these issues on their radar will now need to reassure them that they will comply with the Act.

Because of the relationship that we at PromotionsOnly® have with our suppliers, we are confident that we are operating in a way that ensures the values of our company and the Act are already being actioned.

All suppliers of PromotionsOnly® are required to:

  • Comply with policies and all applicable laws in the countries of operation. Wherever standards differ, the standard offering a greater degree of protection to workers will apply.
  • Allocate required resources for full implementation of social compliance.
  • Communicate policies to all employees, sub-contractors, home workers, temporary and contract workers and suppliers engaged in their supply chain.
  • Communicate honestly and openly with PromotionsOnly® and allow access to sites and documentation as required to evaluate performance against social compliance policies.

To ensure our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018, we are working on publishing a Modern Slavery Act policy as part of our voluntary obligations. We are also working on developing and creating a traceable database of information on how our suppliers comply with the requirements in the Act.