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Which Promotional Products Work Best

At PromotionsOnly, we have excellent high end promotional products that will cater for your businesses requirements. They are all available for you to browse through, right here on our website - its that easy!

Many of our customers tend to ask the same question every time they want to make an order. “What are your most popular promotional products?” “What are your cheapest promotional products?”. For those who want to know the answers then keep reading.

We have over 10,000 promotional products for you to easily browse on our website. Though all of our products rock, our most popular and cheapest promotional products are

Promotional USB Drives - Built with tough aluminium outer cases, each of these prime USB drives is ready to promote your corporate brand. Our USB drives have a 10 year memory retention warranty and are available in bulk, making them ideal as promotional gifts for the next big business expo.

Budget Calico Bags - Budget Calico Bags made from cotton material are excellent as library or shopping bags. They are very popular and a good "green" choice for promotional bags.

Printed Polyester Lanyards - These custom lanyards are perfectly suited to larger and more complex logo designs as the wider width allows us to enlarge your design. Strong and durable, these printed lanyards are an excellent promotional tool with their prominent branding.

750ml Water Bottle - 750ml Water Bottles come in 8 different colours and can be customised with your corporate logo or message on the bottom half of the water bottle. These water bottles are a great conference bag filler for any trade show or exhibition and make an excellent promotional giveaway.

Adults Polyester Polo Shirt - Adults Polyester Polo Shirts are lightweight, micromesh polo shirts and come in a wide variety of colours. These classy polo shirts are a great way to send out a positive corporate message on a small promotional marketing budget as they are high quality and yet budget polo shirts.

Don’t wait it out any longer. Order the promotional product that will do your business good today!

11 August, 2015

The PromotionsOnly Team