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21 April, 2022

Using Promotional Products For Mailout Campaigns

Today I’d like to talk about a real-life situation in regards to someone who utilised promotional products in mail-out campaigns for a certain area of Sydney and subsequent to this became a powerhouse in the local area. This has nothing to do with our company, but it was something I experienced and it was such an effective campaign I wanted to share it here.

It all began with someone who worked for a real estate agent in a suburb of Sydney. They decided to branch out on their own to do the same thing, as they felt they could do it better.

First Mail Our Campaign: What they started with was a mail-out campaign that consisted of a brochure with a magnet attached. The brochure explained about the company but the magnet wasn’t your everyday fridge magnet. It was a calendar magnet. Not only was it a calendar, but it also listed useful dates and also local council pickup dates. I thought this was really useful, so I put it on our fridge door, where it remained for an entire year.

Second Mail Out Campaign: About six months after the first mail-out campaign, we received another brochure in the mail. This time though, instead of a magnet, there was a pen attached. It was a four-ink pen and they had a full-colour graphic running all the way around the pen. It had their logo, website, phone number and even email address. The pen was very handy, so I kept it. I spoke about it once to one of the neighbours and they commented on what a nice pen it was and how this company must be spending a fortune.

Subsequent to the second mail out, I started to see billboards in the local area with “For Sale” signs from this Real Estate Agency.

Third Mail Out Campaign: One year later, another brochure in the mailbox and another 4-colour ink pen. My wife was very excited because she liked the first one so much. By now we both knew this company by name, even though we had never dealt with them, nor did we have any reason to use them in the near future, but that is the power of brand awareness by using something as simple as a pen.

Fourth Mail Out Campaign: Another six months passed and then another brochure. This time, the attached brochure was a sticky note set with flags. It was another great idea, as sticky notes are very useful around the house to set reminders, so we kept them.

By now, almost every other house in the surrounding suburbs that came up for sale was advertised by this Real Estate Agent. She started with nothing, but through the use of clever mail out campaigns and picking the right promotional products, she became someone that everyone talked about in the local community when it came to selling property.

You are probably thinking this must have cost her a fortune to do, but you would be surprised how cost-effective it is. Let’s say there are 30,000 households in your local area. If you do a custom job for pens through us, that 4 colour ink pen would cost about $0.30 each. You then have a small DL brochure which costs about $0.05 each and then you have the cost of distributing, between $0.10 to $.15 per mailbox. So the total cost for one is somewhere between $0.45 to $0.50 per household. So, for 30,000 households, the cost is $15,000 approximately. That is less than the commission on the sale of one property. What she did most effectively is use a promotional item that people would use. Not only that, it was good quality – the pens lasted for a couple of years each. She now has a formidable business in the local area and a lot of that was to do with the power of an effective mailout campaign.

If you would like to consider doing the same thing but are unsure what would work best for a mail-out campaign for your business, give us a call or email us. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and have a lot of experience in being able to put together everything you need for an effective campaign.

The PromotionsOnly Team