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13 December, 2021

Tips To Consider For Your Custom Banner Stand At A Trade Show

Custom banner stands are a fantastic way to draw people’s attention to your stand at a trade show. The question for you is how best to design them and what style would work best for your stand. Hopefully, the below tips will make that decision easier and avoid some pitfalls that others have made previously.

1) How Many Do I Need: This might sound like a silly one, but it is important. How many you need depends on a few factors. Firstly, what style of booth do you have and where is it situated? If you are a corner stall you will be limited for space, however anyone walking down the aisle will naturally be drawn towards you, so one pull up banner could be sufficient, as people can only approach you one way. If your stall is in the middle of an aisle where people can approach from either side, it is a good thing to have two. One placed either side of your booth and pointing towards people that are approaching. If you just have the one, either people coming from one side will not see it, or it forces people to have to turn their neck to read what you are advertising. With so many other booths for them to pick from, you want them to easily read what you are selling. The other thing to consider is whether your stall is showing different types of products within the stall. In this case you may want to consider having several thinner styles of pull up banners, showcasing to people where in your stall the different products are located, to make it easier to find them.

2) Branding: This is the big one, where some people get it all wrong. The banner should be designed to draw people to your stand. The banner itself will not sell the product; it is the stall once people enter. What you are trying to achieve is to tell people why they should come to your stall. Try and avoid putting too much information. If you need to write stuff, put it in very short bullet point form – avoid long sentences. You have 2-3 seconds at most to grab people’s attention, so big bold text works best. Make sure the title on the banner tells people what you do in 3-4 words maximum. Blocking out colour backgrounds with inverted text is also effective, but at the end of the day, the shorter and punchier you can do the text is best and try and include a full-colour graphic that entices people. Here’s a tip that can really help – ensure the main message you want to convey to any passer-by is at eye level. Again, people are lazy. They will take a quick can, but may not scan from top to bottom – but they will read what is at eye level, so make sure the important stuff is as close to eye level as possible

3) Positioning: Now you have your banners, you need to put them in the most effective spaces in your booth. The best rule of thumb is whatever directions people can walk in to approach your stall; you should have a banner pointing in that direction. This ensures most people will see it and read it. After that, it is up to you to bring them in OR have another banner within the stall to direct people on where they can go to see different products. If you have a large stall 2-3 times the standard floor space, this type of placement is crucial. If you don’t do this, people may come to your area, take a glance around and think there is nothing worthwhile to see. If you have banners in the different areas, with punchy text and graphics outlining what they would find, it can entice them to look.

If you can follow the above guidelines, we’re positive you’ll have a much better outcome. If you are still unsure what would work best, give us a call or email, and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations.

The PromotionsOnly Team