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Steer Your Way To Success

Here at PromotionsOnly, we have unleashed a NEW and COOL promotional product that will excite you. We provide a range of fantastically improved promotional products that keep getting better and better.

Our Steering Wheel Car Racing Game is one of our NEWEST promotional products available for you to bulk order! They are a fantastic way to get any kid and teenager to remember your name forever.

Steering Wheel Car Racing Game have built in features including acceleration and vibration. The LCD screen lets you select different routes, monitor the score, pick a car and raise your speed. These games will appeal to all motor racing fanatics so automotive companies can advertise and promote their name in an exciting, flexible manner.

Our new car racing game is a useful tool for car dealerships or gaming stores to showcase their brand in a cost effective way. With these consoles, you can easily order thousands at a very low cost! The credibility these gaming consoles provide is exquisite. Your customers will love to receive one of these as a gift bonus or as a complimentary reward.

Steering Wheel Car Racing Game


1 October, 2015

The PromotionsOnly Team