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24 August, 2012

IPhone Clock App Gets You Known by the World

Since IPhone has been a huge hit, the users keep seeking all kinds of apps to make their IPhone more functional. Among all the apps, IPhone Clock App is one of the hottest, because everyone needs a clock to get him out of bed. Can you imagine what will happen when your corporate name and logo appear on the clock app? You are allowed to have your logo and branding at the top for a cool looking clock to advertise your business. It’s a surprise for customers to get a useful phone app from you, and the main menu button that takes them back to a business card feature of your company is another bigger surprise. All additional information can be found in the "Additional Info" section below.

It has been acknowledged that IPhone is the most popular smartphone almost all over the world, thus the IPhone Clock App containing all the details needed to contact you will give your brand a powerful boast and gain more attention after being offered to your staff, clients and trade show attendees. With more and more downloading, your brand is more and more influential as well. What’s more, the apps come with a built in notice board, allowing you to broadcast your current news and information to everyone. The final screen of the IPhone Clock App allows you to upload your location, so they can easily find you using Google Places.

Contact us sooner, and you will become well-known sooner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The PromotionsOnly Team