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15 April, 2015

How To Raise Your Club’s Membership Status With Our Promotional Towels

Promotional gym towels are perfect for fitness club promotions, school sporting events and sporting clubs. These high quality towels are an inexpensive choice when looking for a great branding product that will highlight your company name and logo. They are also perfect for people who own golf clubs, gyms, hotels and resorts.

These popular promotional gym towels are premium quality and manufactured with 100% velour easy care fabric. Made of cotton material, it allows better air circulation, which helps remove and absorb body moisture away from the skin - keeping the body cool and dry. With modern styles and designs, our gym towels meet your customers requirements . Sports enthusiasts use these towels to stay dry while working out or on the field. Many fitness clubs order our towels for members to wear around their neck while exercising, to promote their business.

Gym towels are an ideal low cost way to promote your company. These small quick dry sports towels can be screen printed with your corporate logo and would make an innovative way to showcase your logo.

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The PromotionsOnly Team