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28 August, 2012

How to Make Your Picnic Rugs?

Picnic Rugs, also known as picnic blankets, are used outdoor as a cushion for picnics, fitness, climbing and the bottom of tents. Due to their materials, they can be easily folded and get back to the normal shape when they are unfolded. Still, with the material that is proof against water, Picnic Rugs are suitable for any places such as beach, deep in the forest and so on. What’s more, with today’s technologies, you can inflate your rugs with air, which will make them very comfortable to sit on or even sleep on.

It is probable that it may be very difficult to make one like that above, but you can make your own Picnic Rugs in a traditional and easy way. First of all, you tailor the top and bottom fabrics and wadding according to the same size. Then placing the two fabrics face to face and the wadding on top, you pin all three layers together before machine them 1cm from the edge. Do make sure that you leave enough space at one end of the rug, so that you can turn the rug round with the wadding in the middle.

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