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A Fun Way To Get Kids To Brush Their Teeth

One of the hardest things in life is getting your kid to brush their teeth every night & morning. However, another big struggle is to get them to brush their teeth correctly. We all need to brush our teeth twice a day for approximately 2 minutes but many kids & adults struggle with this routine.

At PromotionsOnly, we supply smiley face teeth timers to time us when brushing our teeth. It’s small and light in weight - easy for you to carry. You simply flip the smiley face teeth timer upside down every time you are about to brush your teeth and the sand inside times you for 2 minutes. The sand comes available in three colours, blue, yellow and pink. It is a perfect way to get kids to have fun when cleaning their teeth.

Our smiley face teeth timers are one of our most popular products here on our website. Many businesses such as dentists, orthodontists and even day-care/childcare services order our smiley face teeth timers for their customers. It is a popular hit in the modern market and is known as a life saver, especially for mums and dads. They are a fun way to brush your teeth.

To make this product even better, we will provide you the option of imprinting your company name and logo. This will showcase your company to potential clients. It is an effective and direct advertising strategy for your upcoming marketing campaign. So if you are a dentist, orthodontist or own a day-care facility, you need to order our smiley face teeth timers in bulk for your clients to enjoy.

Fun, beneficial, convenient, helpful and handy, our smiley face teeth timers is the product you need!

9 June, 2015

The PromotionsOnly Team