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Talking Stress Relievers

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Feel Great Talking Stress Shape
Personalised Feel Great Talking Stress Shape man has a special message for you!
from $8.42 to $7.03 ea
100 min.
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Laughing Head Stress Shape
Uplift the mood in the office with Personalised Laughing Head Stress Shapes.
from $5.53 to $4.30 ea
100 min.
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Safety Talking Stress Shape
Personalised Safety Talking Stress Shapes are ideal for the building industry.
from $7.40 to $6.06 ea
100 min.
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Take It Easy Talking Stress Shape
Personalised Take It Easy Talking Stress Shapes will create a commotion at your outdoor event.
from $7.94 to $6.57 ea
100 min.
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Customised stress toys that talk are the perfect novelty stress relievers for your employees, volunteers or customer base. We stock a choice of fun squeezies which are each pre-programmed with a motivational message guaranteed to make you smile.

You can add a fun element to any promotional campaign when you gift one of these talking stress toys to your customers. Each one has its own unique personality and a special message for the recipient when squeezed. Choose from ones which say “Woo-hoo! Do I feel great! It’s going to be a stress-free day today! to get your positive energy flowing, or ones which remind you of safety in the workplace or to relax and take it easy. Whichever one you choose for your marketing campaign they are sure to brighten everyone’s day!

Customised talking stress relievers don’t just make people feel good either, they can also help to advertise your business effectively. Simply pop them into a goody bag at a trade show, charity event or exhibition and watch those faces light up! Each one can be custom printed on the back with your company name, logo and website details to help promote your brand further. Our choice of stress relievers are popular with colleges before exam time, gift shops, charities and sales forces. They are made from polyurethane with many featuring feathered hair and are sold in bulk units to help you reduce costs.

Talking Stress Relievers can be ordered in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes with several in-built messages to suit your company needs. You can order in quantities of 100 upwards to 5000 or more, making this a cost-effective and entertaining way to market your business to new and existing clients.

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